RUDLOFF Feldsaaten Ltd. is located in the village of Sereetz close to the famous port of Hamburg an Lübeck. The company is working in seed production as well as in distribution of its own brands to agricultural, lawn and pet-food customers. A number of varieties are represented exclusively in Germany or within Europe. Furthermore RUDLOFF is a principal distributor for the most successful rape and corn breeders in Germany.

Competency and outstanding customer relationship have lead RUDLOFF from the beginning in 1960 to one of the few remaining privately owned companies in the German seed industry of today. Its development was sped up by the downfall of the Berlin Wall and the growing domestic market in 1989 and by the take-over of the traditional seed company Oldörp & Jürgens from DLF-Trifolium in 1995.



until 1945 The RUDLOFF family ran a farm estate in Eastern Germany.
1960 Theodor Rudloff founded RUDLOFF Feldsaaten Ltd. at the age of 38
1987 His son Christopher entered the company as managing director.
1989 The company experienced exceptional growth due to the enlarged domestic market when the German border fell down.
1995 Take-over of Oldörp & Jürgens, which was founded in 1876, from the Danish company DLF-Trifolium.
1997 RUDLOFF Feldsaaten Ltd. bought additional warehouse space in former East-Germany to build one of the most modern seed processing facilities in Northern Europe.
2005 Due to growing production success the plant located in Eastern Germany was extended by another storage hall of 1.600sqm.
2008 Paul Ebke-Kiel joined the management to support future company growth.
2008-2012 Successful marketing of own brands brought up turnover by 50%.
2012 Mecklenburg facilities were substantially extended by a new warehouse hosting additional machinery in order to meet rising customer demand.



For processing purposes RUDLOFF built a completely new plant, with the most modern machinery then available, in 1997. This place is located about 24 km east of its headquarters, the home of administration and logistics.

Since then RUDLOFF has a capacity of approx. 16.000 sqm. of warehouse space where a huge selection of components as well as mixtures for different customer solutions are stored.

A staff of trained salespeople constantly stay in close contact to customers in order to meet their demands.

Production, Warehouse and Headoffice
in Sereetz/Lübeck.
Cleaning and production facilities in


To guarantee the most reliable delivery service RUDLOFF runs a fleet of its own trucks to meet customers’ demand.

With its 85 employees RUDLOFF is achieving an average annual turnover of approx. 45 million Euros.

RUDLOFF produces high quality seed on several thousands of hectares in Germany and abroad.

Production is backed by specialised fieldmen who advise the farmers in order to achieve best results in yield and quality. Principal crops produced are Lolium perenne, Lolium Italicum, Lolium Westerwoldicum, Festuca Rubra species, Phleum Pratensis, Festuca Pratensis, Dactylis Glomerata, Poa Pratensis, Red Clover as well as smaller crops for green manure and cereals such as winter wheat, barley and rye.



Forage seeds
Forage mixtures
Small packaging
Corn and canola seeds
Cereal seeds



Christopher Rudloff
Managing Director

Phone +49/451/39876-17
Paul Ebke-Kiel
Managing Director

Phone +49/451/39876-28